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If you have been searching for the most professional driveway, roof cleaning and patio restoration company in Leicester to restore your external hard surfaces back to their original condition, then you have landed at the right place so please read on. Premium Restorations of Leicester provide customers with a selection of bespoke domestic and commercial external cleaning services that specialize in the restoration and transformation of concrete block paving driveways, all kinds of patio surfaces, roof tiles, house rendering, brickwork, concrete surfaces and slabs and most other external hard surfacing, and convert them back to their original pristine condition. Do you have problems around your home with moss, lichen and algae invasion? If so, we are in the business of the removal and prevention of these unsightly and unwanted organic matter. We can offer treatments and solutions to eradicate this problem on the outside of your house. We have at our disposal various professional and specialized treatments for driveways and roof surfaces. Our biocide surface washes can help to eliminate the moss coverings and organic growth, cleanly, safely and without harm to the surrounding area. Block paving driveway surfaces can be sealed afterward with out various sealants and finishes, after the blocks have been cleaned and re-sanded cleaning. We can restore any surface back to how it used to be. Call us now for a fast FREE quote.

Our Services

Driveway Cleaning

All hard surfaces including your driveway will need some cleaning and sealing throughout their lifespan, Premium Restorations of Leicester are at your service to deliver quality, professional pressure cleaning and sealing that will restore your block paving to its former glory, just like when it was originally laid. You no doubt paid a lot of money for your block paving originally, so it will benefit you greatly by taking care of this expensive investment by having your driveway treated regularly. Driveways succumb to lots of wear and tear throughout the year, especially from vehicle traffic, the adverse British weather conditions, not to mention moss, algae and weed growth on the surface and between the blocks. All these negative effects on your driveway surface can cause problems, such as, discolouration of the blocks, health and safety issues due to slippery surfaces from vegetation growth, block paving looking generally dirty, worn, unsightly and not pleasing to look at. We can change all this with our full driveway restoration treatment program, which includes, all weeds dealt with appropriately, power cleaned, re-sanded and sealed. Call now to speak to one of our operatives and arrange a FREE consultation and quotation at your Leicester home.

Patio Cleaning

We have been restoring and deep cleaning our existing customers’ patio areas for many years now. This is a professional service that our regular clients really enjoy as the transformation can be a shock and quite outstanding, as we bring back these dull outdoor patios and pathways to beautiful usable patios once again. Once the work has been completed you will love to invite friends around once again to show off your revitalised patio, if you do please don’t forget to mention Premium Restorations of Leicester and just maybe they will book our patio cleaning services also. We have all the latest rotary cleaning equipment at our disposal that keeps all the debris and mess at ground level. Call us now for a FREE patio consultation and quotation in Leicester.

Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning service takes care of the years of accumulating moss, lichen algae and dirt on the roof tiles of your home. No only do all these contamination make for an unpleasant looking roof, but they can also degrade your roof over time, which can lead to future cracked tiles and expensive roof repairs. Premium Restorations of Leicester offers a full roof clean and maintenance service on all types of roofs, including concrete tiles, slate tiles and synthetic tiles. We can totally remove and treat all the moss, lichen and algae that sits on your roof that gradually eats away the original tile coatings. Moss is especially detrimental to roof surfaces as their roots burrow into the roof tiles and once the roots freeze, they expand, resulting in cracked roof tiles. If this goes unnoticed water runs into the roof structure causing expensive repairs. A nice clean roof will be maintenance free and enhance the aesthetics of your home. Our roof cleaning customers are amazed at the transformation a roof clean does to their house. Call now for a FREE no-obligation estimation.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

If pigeons have taken a shine to your solar panels and decided to start nesting and roosting there, then you may be interested in our solar panel pigeon proofing service in Leicester. This service includes the humane removal of the offending pigeons before we clean out the rear of the panels and install grids around the perimeter to stop the re-entering in the future, and we guarantee this for 10 years. All our fixings are non damaging to your solar panels, unlike some companies who actually screw the grids onto your panels which may cause damage and will affect your guarantee. We know only too well of the noise, mess and disease these unwanted guests cause our customers. Bird proofing solar panels is your solution before these pests ruin your panels, roof and sleep! Call us now for a fast quotation and remedy to this problem. ​


What kind of external hard surfaces do you clean and restore?

Premium Restorations of Leicester professionally clean, seal and restore all types of hard external surfaces for domestic and commercial customers throughout the Leicester region. Surfaces include block paving, patio slabs, Indian sandstone, concrete, tarmac, resin driveways, imprinted concrete and porcelain tiles. We also have a professional roof cleaning section that cleans all types of roof tiles such as concrete tiles, slate tiles and clay tiles. We also expertly clean any commercial or domestic hard surfaces like brickwork, timber decking surfaces, rendering and all external PVC surfaces like facias, soffits, guttering, together with glass and polycarbonate conservatories. If you are not sure of your external hard surface and whether or not we can clean it at all, then please contact us for expert advice.

Is it worth sealing my block paving after you have cleaned it?

Premium Restorations of Leicester will always advise our customers to have their block paving sealed on a regular basis as it poses many benefits. This first of these advantages will be the protection our professional sealants offer as they protect your block paving against the damage caused by adverse weather conditions. You will have paid, and laid out a good deal of money for your driveway and you want to keep your investment in top condition for this reason alone. Other advantages our sealants offer is good protection from the sun’s UV light rays which can cause the blocks to fade over time. Also heavy stains will be easier to remove and organic growths like moss, algae and lichen that all help to erode the blocks and generally look unsightly will be drastically reduced and held back for a superior amount of time. Our quality driveway sealants will bind the jointing sand that lays between your block paving which in turn locks everything together more tightly and securely giving you that peace of mind.

Can you remove all the staining on my driveway block paving?

To be perfectly honest i am not sure until i have surveyed and assessed the amount of damage caused by the staining and what the stain was originally caused by. We have some very good professional cleaning products that are nor available to the general public that we can utilize to dissolve hard staining, and we have a good success rate with these solutions. But as far as guaranteeing the removal of any stain, this is impossible to say, and i would stay clear of any company that makes this promise. What i can guarantee is we have never failed to improve a stain, we can always make the stain look better or an alternative is to move the stained blocks to a less visible area of the driveway, which can sometimes be a better solution all round.

Will you replace the sand between my block paving after you have cleaned my block paving?

Yes this is all included in our process. Once we have cleaned all your block paved driveway and are 100% happy with the blocks, then we will sweep in brand new kiln dry sand that was washed away during the cleaning. As soon as the blocks are bone dry as this is important to ensure that the sand travels all the way down between the block paving gaps, this will then lock the blocks together, and then we will apply the sealant, if required.

Will the weeds return after the block paving sealing process?

Your driveway will become totally weed-free after our initial weed treatment that we complete beforehand, prior to the cleaning and sealing process. However, it’s impossible to stop the future weed growth from returning again over time. Our professional driveway sealing products will offer a protective surface that will drastically slow down the return of any future vegetation, unlike just when a driveway is just cleaned only. Block paving will always need a regular maintenance program of cleaning and sealing throughout it’s life. This will ensure that your block paved surfaces always look fresh, weed-free and aesthetically pleasing all year round.

Do i need to be there in attendance when you are cleaning my driveway?

No you don’t, as long as you can provide us with an adequate external water supply. Our machines are all petrol driven engines so we are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to powering our cleaning equipment. So yes you are welcome to go out for the day or go to work and upon your return, your driveway will be cleaned, weed free and sealed.

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